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Fire Safety Equipment & Installation

Fire Extinguishers & Equipment

Fire Extinguishers of All Types

There is more to fire extinguishers than meets the eye. It’s easy to forget about the red cylinder mounted on the wall, until the day comes when this vital piece of equipment is needed to put out a fire.

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Smoke/Heat Alarms & Co Detectors

Meeting Scottish Regulations

Smoke alarms and carbon monoxide detectors save lives. In the event of a fire or faulty appliance they give you that vital few minutes early warning so that you can escape the danger and call for help.

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Emergency Lighting

Design, Installation & Maintenance

Emergency lighting – a battery-backed system designed to activate when the power goes out in an emergency, enabling a safe exit – is a crucial element in any fire safety plan for a non-domestic building

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We are members of The British Fire Consortium and an AICO expert installer.

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